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On Monday morning Mrs Sargood from Ripponlea visited the students in 1/2B. She was dressed in clothes from the 1880s and brought along a case filled with a variety of things she used to teach her children. She showed everybody the cane she used to hit children who misbehaved. She also brought the old fashioned pens and ink and all the children were able to have a go at writing. The children learnt many new things about school life in the past. Thank you Mrs Sargood for visiting our school!

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How exciting to have a class blog! I hope you enjoy reading what we are learning about in Year 1/2B. I look forward to your comments.
This term we have been learning about schools in the past and present. On Tuesday we visited the Springvale Historical Society. It was very interesting and the children enjoyed learning about school life in the past. They saw many things that were used at school in the past such as the school bell, chalk and slate, copy books and a cane. There were so many things to see and learn about!
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