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Which song do you like the best? How are they different and how are they the same?


Playing out Side


I believe that every body should go out side and play because you can play soccer, basketball football and tiggy cops and robbers.

Firstly it is important to go outside because you have to exercise for one hour per day.

Secondly I believe that if you go outside to play you can make new friends. Also you can help the teacher by letting her have a coffee break.

Thirdly you can get all your energy out and you won’t be crazy in class and calling out.

Do you know why it it important to go outside to play?

Written by Eddie











































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Playing Outside

I am writing to say that playing outside at school is much better than playing inside.

Firstly playing outside gives you vitamin D from the sun.

Secondly you can get all your energy out so you don’t get restless.

Finally we can meet new friends from other classes.

As you can see children should go outside to play and run their imaginations free.

When you play outside what do you play?

Written Thy


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Persuade Me!

Year 1/2B have been learning how to write persuasive texts. We talked about whether we thought playing inside or outside at school was better. Here are the reasons why some children think playing outdoors is  better than playing indoors. Stay tuned for our persuasive text on why playing indoors is better!



In our opinion we believe playing outside is better at school than playing indoors.

Firstly we think playing outside is more fun. There are exciting adventure playgrounds where you can climb, swing and slide.

Secondly playing outside keeps you healthy. You can use sports equipment to play soccer, basketball, hoop games and football. Playing running games like chasey and hide and seek tiggy keeps you fit and energised.

Finally you can meet and make new friends from other classes if you play outside.

Therefore we are certain children should go outside to play and have fun.

Written by the children in 1/2B


Year 1/2B read a text titled A School Friend. We then looked at the reasons why the author thought it was a good idea to have a friend in the same class. We would like to share our own ideas. Read on to find out what 1/2B think about having a friend in the same class. Let us know if we have persuaded you!!

We believe having friends in the same class is a great idea.

Firstly friends keep us company. We need friends so we are not lonely. If we didn’t have a friend, we might not have anyone to play with. This might make you sad.

Secondly we need a friend to help us if we hurt ourselves. If you fall down there might not be anyone there to get help and look after you. A friend is always there for you. If you are sad they always help you feel better.

Thirdly if we have a friend in the same class, they could help you with your work. Sometimes you might not understand or get confused with your learning. A friend helps you understand by explaining it again.

For these reasons we think it is very important to have a friend in the same class.

Written by 1/2B

Can you think of the opposite argument for not having a friend in the same class?

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There was an Old Lady…. Which song do you like the best and why?




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Students Writing

Mrs Sargood came to our school because we were learning about the past and present.

Firstly Mrs Sargood checked our hands to see if they were clean.

Then Mrs Sargood rang the old bell then we all sat down.

Next Mrs Sargood showed us photos of her twelve children. She showed the photo of the little boy that was dressed as a girl. I thought it was a girl but it was a boy.

After Ms B chose Steve to go to Mrs Sargood and pretend that he was naughty. Mrs Sargood pretended to hit him with the cane.

Finally Mrs Sargood gave us a good activity. It was writing like in the olden days.

Written by Richeny


One morning Mrs Sargood came in our class and told us about the past and present. First she showed us the cane, the bell and the pictures of her twelve children in the olden days. Then she let us use the old pens. We had to dip the pen in a pot of ink. Then we went to get our lunch and Mrs Sargood went to another class.

Written by Jordan

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Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day we remember the soldiers who fought and died in wars for world peace.

First all the people at our school gathered together in the quadrangle. Mr Hodgson said a prayer for the soldiers who had died. Then we listened to the Last Post that the soldiers used to listen to during the wars. Later we took our hats off and we sang the National Anthem of Australia. Everybody stood for a minute silence to pay our respects to the fallen ones.

Mr Hodgson explained what Remembrance Day is all about. He told us the number of Australians who had died for the cause of freedom. Everybody repeated the words “Lest we forget” after Mr Hodgson.

Finally everybody went off to play thinking about Remembrance Day.

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