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The Three Little Pigs

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Junior Music Concert

Last night, the children from the Junior School at St Joseph’s, had a music concert in the school hall.

When the children went home from school, they had to get ready for the concert. They had to wear colourful clothes for their performance.

At 6.30pm, the children started coming back to school for the concert. The children from 1/2B went to the Music room to wait for their turn to go on the stage. Their families went into the crowded hall to watch the concert. Everyone was very excited!

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On Monday all the 1/2 children participated in a Science Day. They experimented with a variety of solids, liquids and gases. The children discovered what happened when they mixed liquids with solids. They also found out what happens when you heat solids.
The children learnt many things about solids, liquids and gases.


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