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Swirly, Splotchy or Creative!

Tomorrow we can come to school in swirly, splotchy or creative clothes to celebrate Book Week.  Have fun choosing what to wear and don’t forget to be creative!


3D Shapes

Click  HERE to find out more about the features of 3D shapes!


Italian Day Activities

On Monday, 10th August, the whole school wore red, white and green because it was Italian Day. First we started with a prayer then the Tarantella dance and a spaghetti race. Then we went inside the classroom. Next we went downstairs to the hall to see a healthy food show. Finally we played soccer then we went to the classroom to have some pizza and a drink.

Written by Khang

On Monday 10th August 2015 the whole school celebrated Italian day at school. First the 5/6 students had a spaghetti race. After we went to a play about healthy eating. After the play we ate gelato. Next we played soccer. After soccer we had a drink and pizza. I had a fun time.

Written by Vinh

On Monday 10th August 2015 the whole school celebrated Italian Day. We were allowed to wear red, green and white clothes. We went to assembly. The 3/4 children did the Tarantella dance then we watched the 5/6 children have a spaghetti race. Next we watched an Italian play called Healthy Food. Then we ate gelato. We played soccer. After than  we had red and green drinks . Finally we mad pasta art. I enjoyed Italian day.

Written by Aden


On Monday 10th August 2015 we had an Italian day. First we had an assembly then we watched the play. After we played soccer. After that we all had our lunch. After that we did spaghetti art. After that we went home. I enjoyed Italian day.

Written by Anthony

On Monday, 10th August, 2015, we celebrated Italian Day and Sam’s birthday. First we had an assembly with a dance and a spaghetti race. Next we had a play called Healthy Eating. Then we ate gelato. After that we had red and green drinks and some people ate pizza. Finally we made the pasta art.

Written by Jeffery


More Amazing Minibeasts!



Year 1/2B and 1/2PH Assembly

On Friday 1/2B and 1/2PH  did an assembly and a prayer and we did a play of How the Birds Got Their Colours.

Written by Sydnee

On Friday 31st July 1/2B and 1/2PH had an assembly. First we said our prayer about forgiving and saying sorry. Then we did a play for the school. It was called How the Birds Got Their Colours. Next we did a science report. The scientist started to do what they were told to do. Finally we finished our assembly.

Written by Tricia


On Friday 31st July in the afternoon at the school hall, 1/2B and 1/2PH did an assembly. First we practised. Next some people said a prayer. Then the audience looked at the science news report. Last we had a quiz about solids, liquids and gases. Finally we went back to our classroom.

Written by Isabel


0n Friday, 31st July, in the school hall we had an assembly with 1/2PH. Every day we practised and practised. Finally the day came. On the day I was very shy. First we started with a prayer. Next we did an Aboriginal dreamtime play called How the Birds Got their Colours. When the play was over we had  a science news report. Finally our assembly was done and the audience clapped.

Written by Aden


On Friday, 31st of July 1/2B and 1/2PH went to the assembly. First 1/2B and 1/2PH said a prayer. After that we acted out How the Birds Got Their Colours. Next we had a quiz. We had a great assembly time.

Written by Simon


Only One Said Thank You


We have been learning about the importance of being thankful. In the Bible it says, “God, I will give you thanks forever.” PSALM 30:12,

Have you ever given something special to someone who didn’t say thank you? How did that make you feel? Once Jesus helped some men get well. What do you think they did?  We worship Jesus when we thank Him.

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Don’t forget tomorrow is Italian Day! Remember to wear green, red and white coloured clothes instead of your school uniform. If you ordered a lunch you will be eating yummy pizza and having a green or red drink. Some children have ordered gelati too! I’m sure we will have fun learning about all things Italian! Ciao!Image result for pizza clip artImage result for gelato clipart

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