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The Dinosaur Show Excursion

Today all the 1/2 and 3/4 classes went to the Springvale Town Hall to watch the Dinosaur Show.

First we walked down to the Springvale Town Hall and went inside. We had to wait a long time before the show started. Some people were scared waiting for the dinosaurs to arrive, others were excited and some were a little bit tired of waiting.

Suddenly we saw smoke coming out on the stage and  a man appeared to start the show. He told us his name was Michael and asked for volunteers from the audience to come on stage and tell some jokes. Nicky from 1/2PH and Anley from 1/2HU told the audience some funny jokes.

Finally the show began and the first dinosaur puppet appeared. They were cute baby dinosaurs that lived in Australia many years ago. We learnt that dinosaurs roamed the earth over 65 million years ago!

Next we meet some enormous flying bugs. Their wing span 95cm.


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Como House Excursion


Last Wednesday 1/2PH and 1/2B went on an excursion to Como House in Toorak. We wanted to learn more about how people lived in the past and how it is different to the present.


First we met Jill and Mark who work at Como House. They were dressed up in olden day clothes. We dressed up in olden day clothes too to join in the fun!

Next we split up into smaller groups to participate in different activities.

Some children went on the Mystery Trail. They searched the garden for clues to find out who had broken the porcelain doll belonging to  Laura. Laura lived in the house over 100 years ago. One day she had a party at Como House and one of her friends broke her doll. She never found out who it was. The children had to find out by reading the clues found around the beautiful Como gardens.



Some children explored inside Como House. They walked through the house looking at all the old furniture, chandeliers  and portraits. In the ballroom they learnt a dance from the olden days. They practised walking up and down the stairs like ladies and gentlemen from the past.DSC04744



Some children learnt how to be a servant at Como House. We discovered that life was very hard for servants in the past. They needed to be strong for all the tasks they had to do like washing and ironing. The servants had to listen for the different sounding bells that rang for them to attend the rooms around the enormous house. We practised listening to the bells and working out which room in the house we would have to go to.


Some children played old fashioned games in the garden like Drop the Hanky, Tug of War and Hot Potato. Some of the games from the past are still played today.DSC04730

After we had completed all the activities we came back to school. Thank you to Mark and Jill for teaching us about life in the past and all our parent helpers who came on our excursion to help.

It was a fun day learning about life in the past!

Written by Ms Bateman and the 1/2B children


Father’s Day

Tie Shaped Father's Day Display Bunting - father, Father's day, dad

I love my dad and granddad because……

he buys me stuff.

he tells me jokes.

he’s kind.

he fixes stuff.

he takes care of me.

he’s funny.

he helps me with maths.

he’s smart.

he’s helpful.

he takes me swimming.

he takes me anywhere I want to go.

he’s nice.

he talks to me in a nice way.

he’s strong.

he never leaves me behind.

he plays with me.

he’s awesome.

he takes me to the park.

takes me to his work.

he plays soccer with me.





On Monday morning the children in 1/2B participated in the school Lego competition organised by the SRC.
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