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Jesus Loves the Little Children

Today in Religious Education we learnt that the word Church means people of God. Many different people belong to the Church. Jesus especially welcomed the little children. We hope you enjoy listening to the song and story of Jesus Loves the Little Children.


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

This afternoon we started to learn about our feelings and emotions. Everybody has feelings. We learnt that we may have different feeling throughout the day. Some feelings make us feel good and others not so good. We enjoyed listening to the song and we hope you like it too.


RACV Road Safety Incursion

Today all the 1/2 students went to the library to learn about road safety. Nicole from the RACV taught us some very important safety rules. Here are some of the things we learnt:

If you have an accident an airbag comes out to help keep you safe. KAYLEE

You always hold an adults hand when crossing the road. ELEXIS

Always wear a helmet when  you ride your scooter or bike. JOAQUIM

Always turn to the left then the right and then the left again before crossing the road. MINH TAM

Always wear your seatbelt in the car. CATHY

Don’t run when you are crossing the road. AIDEN

Put your helmet on if you are riding your skateboard. MATTHEW. B

STOP LOOK LISTEN and THINK before you cross the road. KIM

Don’t play on the road. ANLEY

Be careful when you are crossing the road. YOLING

Make sure you clip your helmet in properly. JULIE


1/2B’s Favourite Songs and Dances





Keeping Ourselves Safe

In 1/2B we have been learning about safety. We listened to some information about fire safety.


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