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Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week is the most important week of the Church’s Year. It begins with Palm Sunday.


On Palm Sunday we remember the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.



On Holy Thursday evening we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples. That evening Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as a sign that he came to serve others. He broke the bread and gave it to his disciples and shared the wine with his disciples. He said, “Do this in memory of me.”


After the supper, Jesus went to pray in a garden just outside the city. There he was captured and taken prisoner. On the the Friday morning, Jesus was put on trial and sentenced to death. Every Good Friday, the Church gathers to kneel at the cross of Jesus. We give thanks for what Jesus did.

Easter Sunday

Every Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead. We sing “Alleluia!”-a song of joy.

The Easter Story


Driving Our Cars

Last week the 1/2 students made vehicles like cars, trucks and police cars out of cardboard boxes. This Friday all the students will be driving their cars around the playground. They will need to remember the road safety rules they have learnt this term. They will need to follow the road safety signs.

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I Wish I Had a Robot

Today we listened to a story called I Wish I Had a Robot written by Alison Jarred and Nadja Roelofs. We decided that having a robot would be a great idea. Here are some of the things the children in 1/2B would get their robots to do!

I wish I had a robot to set the table. I don’t like to set the table. If my robot set the table I could play my Wii.

Written by Aiden

I wish I had a robot to clean my robot. I would like my robot to clean my room.

Written by Matthew B


I wish I had a robot to do my homework. I hate doing my homework. It is boring. I wish I had a robot to do my homework.

Written by Minh-Tam


I wish I had a robot to make dollars and cents so I can buy  anything I want to buy!

Written by Yoling


I wish I had a robot to clean my room and to help my mum to water the plants.

Written by Cathy


I wish I had a robot to get a rabbit and put the rabbit in the little car that I like to drive around in.

Written by Julie


Possum Magic Picnic

On Friday afternoon the children in 1/2B and 5/6M had a Possum Magic picnic in the Music room.

First we put the picnic rugs on the floor.

Next we put the food on the plates. We had food from the story Possum Magic like Anzac biscuits, Vegemite sandwiches, pavlova, Minties and lamingtons.

Then our buddies arrived for our picnic and we started eating the delicious food.

Finally after eating most of the food we packed up our picnic. We had a wonderful picnic with our buddies.




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