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The Easter Egg Hunt

On Tuesday morning the 1/2 children had an Easter Egg Hunt out on the playground at school.

First the children went outside to listen to the rules of the Easter Egg Hunt. Everybody listened very carefully to Miss Beadle even though they were very excited. They had a challenge to find the most eggs for their class. The class that collected the most eggs would be the winner.

Next the children hopped over to the playground to look for colourful, chocolate, Easter eggs. When they found some, they put them in their class Easter basket.

When the children had found all the eggs, they counted them to see if their class had collected the most. Miss Nguyen’s class collected 246 eggs and were the winners of the 1/2 Easter Hunt Competition.

Finally the children shared out the eggs and some people ate their delicious, chocolate eggs. Everybody was happy because they had tried their best and had fun searching for eggs. The children were so tired after racing around the playground searching for Easter eggs.

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