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Como House Excursion

On Friday 1st September, all the children went to Como House by bus.

First we met two ladies in old fashioned clothes. Their names were Sarah and Jill. They were dressed up as servants. They gave us the grand tour of Como House and Gardens and then we had our play lunch. The ladies said that after we finished eating we could play.

When we were finished playing, we went into our groups to do our activities. My groups first activity was looking inside the mansion. She gave us the grand tour and showed us how to introduce ourselves to our dance partner and  do ball room dancing in the ball room. After we finished dancing, we had our lunch.

After lunch we finished all our other activities. We went on a mystery tour around the gardens, played old fashioned games and visited the servants’ laundry to learn what it was like to be a  servant in the past.

Finally when we had finished all our activities, we went back to school by bus.  We had the best day ever learning about life in the past.

Written by Cathy


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