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Forces Experiments

Angela and Christopher

Our favourite science experiment was making the wooden car because we felt like we were real builders and carpenters. It was like we were building a new car and it was very fun using the tools. We made our car move by pushing it.  It was such  a fun activity.

Melina Ruby

My favourite part of making a parachute was dropping the parachute down because we liked seeing the parachute drop down slowly. Some of the parachutes twirled, some of the parachutes just dropped, most of them flew further away from others. It was so much fun!






We have been learning all about Forces. We have conducted experiments and tested our predictions about forces. Take a look at some of our wonderful work.

We made pinwheels and used the push force of our breath or the wind to make them move.

We made paper boats and tested whether buoyancy would push them upwards on the water. We also used our breath to push them along the water.

We made marble inclines that used gravity’s pull to move the marble along the path.



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