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Forces Experiments

Angela and Christopher

Our favourite science experiment was making the wooden car because we felt like we were real builders and carpenters. It was like we were building a new car and it was very fun using the tools. We made our car move by pushing it.  It was such  a fun activity.

Melina Ruby

My favourite part of making a parachute was dropping the parachute down because we liked seeing the parachute drop down slowly. Some of the parachutes twirled, some of the parachutes just dropped, most of them flew further away from others. It was so much fun!






We have been learning all about Forces. We have conducted experiments and tested our predictions about forces. Take a look at some of our wonderful work.

We made pinwheels and used the push force of our breath or the wind to make them move.

We made paper boats and tested whether buoyancy would push them upwards on the water. We also used our breath to push them along the water.

We made marble inclines that used gravity’s pull to move the marble along the path.



Number Patterns

We have been learning all about number patterns.

Click HERE to play Number Bubble Skip Counting!

Click HERE to play Number Ninja – Odd or Even!

Click HERE to play Monster Truck Number Patterns!

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God’s Creation

We have been learning about God’s wonderful world. We need to take care of his beautiful creation. We hope you enjoy these songs.


St Francis Celebration Day

St Francis’ Day Celebration

Last Friday, the 13th October, we celebrated the life of St Francis of Assisi at St Joseph’s School.

First we gathered together with all the animals. Father Benedict gave them a special blessing with holy water. Most of the animals were very well behaved, even though some dogs started to bark.

Next we went to the playground to meet Jett, Ms Bateman’s dog. She told us all about Jett and how she looks after him. Then she showed us some commands that he can follow and some tricks that he can do. Ms Bateman told us how he went to dog school to learn how to behave. Jett then ran around the oval with Joshua chasing after him.

After play, we were able to make an animal out of the recycle materials we had brought from home. We made many different animals like goats, dogs, cats, birds and snakes. They all looked fantastic and we had a fun time being creative.

We all had a wonderful day celebrating the life of St Francis.  We remember his message to love and care for God’s creation.



Today we experimented with objects to see whether they would sink or float.  We followed the following steps.

Floating and Sinking

  1. Predict if the object floats or sinks.

  2. Pour water into tub.

  3. Place an item into tub of water.

  4. Observe if the item floats or sinks.

  5. Record what you discover.

    View the clip to see why some objects sink and others float.



Como House Excursion

On Friday 1st September, all the children went to Como House by bus.

First we met two ladies in old fashioned clothes. Their names were Sarah and Jill. They were dressed up as servants. They gave us the grand tour of Como House and Gardens and then we had our play lunch. The ladies said that after we finished eating we could play.

When we were finished playing, we went into our groups to do our activities. My groups first activity was looking inside the mansion. She gave us the grand tour and showed us how to introduce ourselves to our dance partner and  do ball room dancing in the ball room. After we finished dancing, we had our lunch.

After lunch we finished all our other activities. We went on a mystery tour around the gardens, played old fashioned games and visited the servants’ laundry to learn what it was like to be a  servant in the past.

Finally when we had finished all our activities, we went back to school by bus.  We had the best day ever learning about life in the past.

Written by Cathy


Our History


Mrs Sargood Incursion


    On Friday, the 11th August, Mrs Sargood came to our school to help us learn about the past.

    First we walked over to the Italian room, and to our surprise, we saw a lady dressed up in old fashioned clothes ringing a giant, gold, antique bell. She asked us to line up in rows of girls and boys and then she checked to see if our hands were clean. We then entered the Italian room.

    Next Mrs Sargood showed us pictures of life in the olden days. She had some black and white photographs of her many children. Her sons looked like girls because in the past boys wore dresses until they were much older. She also told us that her children were much too special to go to school so she taught them at home.

    Then Mrs Sargood told us a little bit about what school was like for children in the 1900s. She showed us what would happen if a child misbehaved. Mrs Sargood then chose a student to pretend that she was a boy who had done something wrong at school. She pulled out a cane and pretended to hit the student across their knuckles. Mrs Sargood told us that boys were hit across the knuckles and girls across the palms of their hands when they misbehaved.

    Last of all Mrs Sargood showed us how to write using a fountain pen with ink. We then all had a chance to practise writing like students from the past. After we finished writing, Mrs Sargood rang the bell and said class was dismissed. We then bowed and cursteyed to Mrs Sargood and went out to play. We had so much fun learning and experiencing school life in the past.

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