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Inquiry Unit

This term 1/2B are learning about minibeasts. Watch these amazing clips to see how a spider makes a web!

Enjoy this song about Creepy Crawlies!!!

The Ants Go Marching …… and marching….. and marching…….

 Today 1/2B watched the amazing Youtube clip showing us how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly! The children were so excited and amazed.

Watch this amazing clip that shows the life cycle of the ladybug!

9 Responses to “Inquiry Unit”

  1. Vinh Vu says:

    Dear Ms Bateman,
    I like this clip a lot!
    from Vinh

  2. Simon says:

    Dear 1/2B,
    I like watching clip about mealworms.
    Thank you.
    from simon

  3. Alois says:

    Dear ms batemen I injoyed learning about thing’s with you and why do you have a extra holiday.I bit you will have fun. Love you!

    Love from Alois xoxo

  4. Vinh Vu says:

    Dear Ms Bateman
    Thank you for putting on the butterfly clip. I’ve learnt all about the butterfly life cycle.
    From Vinh

  5. Isabel says:

    Dear Ms Bateman,
    I like the Yellow Bumble Bee Song.
    From Isabel

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