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We are learning how to write reports. Here is some information to help write a great report.

7 Responses to “Literacy”

  1. Rasleen says:

    Dear Mrs Bateman,
    The games are so fun.
    If you make more games that would be better.

  2. Isabel Phon says:

    Dear Ms Bateman,
    I like all the games.
    Can you put some more?
    Love from Isabel

    • Ms Bateman says:

      Dear Isabel,
      I’m glad you enjoy the games. I will see what I can do about putting more games on the blog.
      From Ms Bateman

  3. Jasmine.q says:

    Dear Ms Bateman,
    Thank you for putting the videos and games on the blog.
    From Jasmine

  4. Ms Bateman says:

    Dear Jasmine,
    I’m glad you enjoy the video as and games.
    From Ms Bateman

  5. Alex Tran says:

    Dear Miss Bateman,
    I like playing these games. They’re super fun and can you please put a few more games on the blog so we don’t have to just keep playing these games over and over again. Reply Please
    From Alex 🙂

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