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The Life cycle of a Butterfly


1/2B’Ss Mealworms

Mealworm Journal

Day 1

Monday, 24th April

Today we got our mealworms to study at school. We made a habitat for our mealworm. We used a clear, plastic container and filled it with oats. We made sure that it had holes in the lid so the mealworm had air to breathe. Before we put our mealworm in the container, we had a look at it. We observed our mealworm and noticed it had a light brown, skinny body with legs.

Day 2

Tuesday, 25th April

Today we took out our mealworms from their containers to observe their features. Some of our mealworms wriggled around and others just lay still. Some mealworms played hide and seek and were very hard to find in the oats. Some mealworms were sleeping. We put a little piece of carrot in our containers for our mealworm to eat.

Day 5

Friday, 28th April

 Today we took out the old piece of carrot and put in a new piece for our mealworms.

Day 8

Monday, 1st May


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The Easter Egg Hunt

On Tuesday morning the 1/2 children had an Easter Egg Hunt out on the playground at school.

First the children went outside to listen to the rules of the Easter Egg Hunt. Everybody listened very carefully to Miss Beadle even though they were very excited. They had a challenge to find the most eggs for their class. The class that collected the most eggs would be the winner.

Next the children hopped over to the playground to look for colourful, chocolate, Easter eggs. When they found some, they put them in their class Easter basket.

When the children had found all the eggs, they counted them to see if their class had collected the most. Miss Nguyen’s class collected 246 eggs and were the winners of the 1/2 Easter Hunt Competition.

Finally the children shared out the eggs and some people ate their delicious, chocolate eggs. Everybody was happy because they had tried their best and had fun searching for eggs. The children were so tired after racing around the playground searching for Easter eggs.

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Living and Non Living Things

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Easter Stories and Songs



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In Mathematics, we are learning about place value. Here are some clips to view to help you with your learning.


Possum Magic Picnic

I hope you enjoyed the Possum Magic Picnic today. What was your favourite food? What did you learn about your buddy today?

Possum Magic Picnic

On Friday morning the children from 1/2B and 5/6M had a Possum Magic picnic.

First we went to the Music room to watch the Possum Magic story.

Then we went to the School Hall for the picnic. We ate some food from the Possum Magic story. We had Anzac biscuits, Vegemite sandwiches, Minties, lamingtons and pumpkin scones.

Next we chatted with our buddies to get to know them better.

Finally we packed up and went back to our classroom. We had fun at our Possum Magic picnic!!

Recounts of the Possum

Magic Picnic

On Friday morning we had a picnic. First we went to the music room to watch the story of Possum Magic. Next we went to the school hall to have our picnic. Our buddies helped the teachers pack up when we had finished our food.

Written by Cathy

On Friday two classes went to the area where they have the After School Program and had a Possum Magic picnic. First we were so excited. Next we went to the hall. We had some  lamingtons, cordial and Minties. Finally the 5/6 children packed up the picnic.

Written by Daniel


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Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday. This is a Christian tradition before the fasting of Lent (the lead up to the celebration of Easter).The day after Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) is known as Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. Traditionally rich foods such as eggs were forbidden through Lent, so making pancakes was one way to use up the rich foods.





Guide Dog Visit

Image result for guide dog victoriaImage result for guide dog victoriaImage result for guide dog victoria

On Wednesday, the 22ndFebruary, we went to the Library to meet Pam and her guide dog, Wibbs.


First Pam introduced herself and her dog to the children. Everybody sat very quietly so they didn’t scare Wibbs.


Next Pam told us the three rules to remember when we see a guide dog.

1. Don’t pat the guide dog when it has its harness on.

2. Don’t talk to the guide dog.

3. Don’t feed the guide dog.

Then Pam showed us some gadgets that help her live without sight. One gadget you put in a cup to help you pour in hot water without getting burnt. It beeps when the water gets to the top of the cup. Another gadget helps Pam to listen to stories.


Finally we were allowed to pat Wibbs, the guide dog. He didn’t have his harness on so it was okay to pat him. We were very interested in learning how Pam lives without her eyesight.

Written by 1/2B



Our Weekends

Every Monday morning we like to share with each other what we have experienced on the weekend. Here is some of our experiences!

Rosy stayed at home and read a book about animals. Then she played on her ipad.

Daniel went to the festival and went on a very exciting ride. Lots of people were screaming when it went upside down. Nicolas went on the same ride too!

Jackie went to his cousin’s house and played with his cousin’s toys. He then had lunch.

Melina went to her cousin’s house. He was having a birthday party.


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